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Whether you are new to digital jewelry photography, interested in the latest equipment, looking to enhance your knowledge and workflow, or want to learn how to use your digital system more effectively, we can help to ensure you will. Digital Jeweller provides consultancy, training and research to the jewelry industry in the digital jewelry photography domain. Key services offered by Digital Jeweller:

Jewelry Photography Only   Digitization & image management expertise
Jewelry Photography Only   Tendering and service procurement support
Jewelry Photography Only   Digitization workflow assessment
Jewelry Photography Only   Systems and infrastructure specification
Jewelry Photography Only   Hourly consultation
Jewelry Photography Only   2-day general training course
Jewelry Photography Only   4-day intensive training course
Jewelry Photography Only   Ongoing periodic education


* Acquire knowledge in jewelry photography by learning to understand the intricacies of jewelry image production, thereby producing better quality images possibly resulting in increased sales

* Learn the proper use of your existing or newly acquired digital camera system and maximize its abilities
* Implement a system that will efficiently enable beyond inventory ‘multi-type’ imaging acquisition
* Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the current equipment (or the need to acquire additional)
* Utilize the best combination of hardware/software to save valuable time

Choose from two working options, or contact us and customize others:

Option #1 - Review
This option includes a full review of your company’s current needs and requirements. This will be conducted using an assessment survey to ascertain your knowledge level and your goals. You may also use this opportunity to better your understanding of current or newly acquired equipment. We will discuss recommendations based on future developments and enhancements. Use this review period to increase the knowledge of the jewelry photography process or/and the set up of new ways to implement company goals.

One day on premises $2000 + travel & expenses

Option #2 - Implementation
This option includes a full review of your company’s current needs and requirements and takes it a step further to create an agreed upon action plan that will be used to streamline the jewelry photography operation. The implementation option usually involves actual digital workflow process with camera and lighting set-ups, creating actual images with company inventory. This highly practical workshop will afford the company tools and techniques that will implement a full production workflow.

Three day on premises $6000 + travel & expenses

Follow-up (optional)
The follow up option adds several sessions often within a three-month time frame. Follow up sessions may be on premises or conducted over the phone. This option provides the company to revisit the implemented action plan and to assess the progress of the photography workflow. Additional tips and techniques will be introduced to add advantage of your increased knowledge.

Billed hourly @ $250 + travel & expenses