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I use my personal 'palette' of light to create shadow, color and space, and blend backgrounds to complete my visual composition."

Drawing from the vast classical resources of The Louvre National Gallery London and Rijks Museum, Roth's work pays homage to the old masters particularly Rembrandt of the Dutch school, Tiziano Vecellio of the Venetian school, and Belgian surrealist painter Magritte. However, Roth's primary model is Diego Rodriguez de Silva Velasquez Spain's greatest painter whose use of light and a limited palette of black and neutral colors have left an enduring impression.

His dynamic art photography demonstrates a profound understanding of the spectrum of human experience. His black & white collection of photojournalistic work dating back to 1964, creates an ambiance that compels the viewer to surrender the limits of identity and journey into self-discovery. 

Encouraged by family, friends and peers, Roth has introduced many innovations to his craft. "Inspiration comes from art, nature, people," he says. "One must have the capacity to transform these resources into creativity. My experience in marketing and management through my years in business has helped me to learn how to manage my creativity and point it in the right direction. My work must not be valued as an ordinary 'product reproduction' but rather a creative process where the image is the center of everything and every small detail, highlight and shadow is part of the story written with light.

These are stories with universal meanings."

Roth's work include countless photographs and photo-illustrations and ranges from advertising to fine art, single product, to complex sets and single models to large crowds. His work has appeared in many prominent publications including Vogue Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Martha Stewart Weddings, Los Angeles Weddings, Architectural Digest, and others. Avi Roth has been the recipient of numerous awards often from clients who have recognized his professional virtuosity and fascination with elegance. 

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Avi Roth was born in Transylvania and introduced to
photography at a young age. His uncle, a portrait photographer, inspired Roth's curious nature, and an old Kodak Brownie camera sealed his love of photography. In 1968, he enrolled at Tel-Aviv Polytechnic to pursue his passion and he continued his photographic studies at the London Film School, graduating with honors in 1974.

Roth's search for distinction and difference characterize his approach to photography. "Every photograph is a story written with light he comments. "Like a story without words, it evolves from a concept, thought or emotion in my mind's eye into a latent image a silhouette of shapes and forms. This shadowless three-dimensional space is the genesis of my artistic interpretation.