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Working With Our Clients

Having completed many assignment for hundreds of clients both in the US and International, we believe Digital Jeweller has a very clear understanding of "client solution". It is this experience, which is the foundation for all of our work.

Our solutions for our client's needs is driven and shaped around their specific requirement and priority. The very nature of our work, requires that we establish a good understanding with our clients goals prior to assignments.


Why Clients Value Us

Commercial Insight - our team has extensive professional skill and experience. We understand clients' commercial objectives and know the importance of focusing our activities to help achieve them.

Expertise - we combat complex assignments by offering objective and experienced solutions.

Enthusiasm - we are passionate about what we do and are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and make things happen. We perform and accomplish.

Versatility - our solutions are based by the particular capabilities and restrictions that a client has. They are frequently creative, and never common.

Support - we give direct personal support to our clients through coaching, monitoring and the transfer of skills.

Honesty - it is vital that we maintain close and trusting relationship with clients. It requires honesty from both sides, sometimes brutal honesty.


Our Past and Current Clients:
Ashly Jewelers, A.Hirsh & Son Jewelers, Antenna, Bead Trends, Bear Advertising, Benjamin & Co. Jewelry Imports, Bond Jewelers, Brodkey's Jewelers, Brighton, Caravan Imports, Diamond Imports Inc., Elma Gil, Inspired Silver, Jeffrey Scott, Jewelry Solutions Inc., John Crandall Jewelers, Kathryn James Co., Keidan's Jewelers, Kirk Jewelers, Lasker Jewelers, Lauren Stomel Advertising, Leading Jewelers Guild, Limor Diamonds Inc, LaRog Jewelers, Martin Lawrence Galleries, MB Asch Inc., Mommy Jewelry, Murata Pearl Company, M&L Manufacturing, Michelson Jewelers, Modern Visual Communication, Oro Alexander, Oro America, Orogem, Oryoun Jewelry Imports, Robbins Brothers, Samuels, South Dakota Gold, Schubach Jewelers, Unlocked Secret, Wallace Jewelers, Worthy Impressions

Aapri Cosmetics, Arco Co., Aaron Brothers, Alu-Mont Furniture, AMF, Brown Jordan, Bushnell, Brown Keefe Marine/Bowes, California Mart, Century Design, Fashion Conspiracy, Four-S-Bakery, GTE, Golden West Communications, Haas/Zimmerman/Ostrowe, Hilton, Home Magazine, J.C.Penny, Lee Pharmaceutical, Lina Lee, Pen Entertainment, Saga International, Sears, Shelcon, Southern Comfort, Sungard, The Wine Merchant, V- Moda, Wallace Berrie & Co., Wente Brothers, Woolf Advertising