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FDC (free digital capture) was initiated by Digital Jeweller in 1999. It is a valuable assessment program for our potential new clients. Our professional jewelry photography staff primarily performs testing, and it's a service offered to advertising agencies, as well as individuals in the jewelry industry.

As the World Wide Web continues to expand, it is obvious that the Internet has become an ideal medium for jewelry sales, and for those who have seized upon the webs' potential the advantages are broad. It is also evident that digital jewelry photography is everywhere due to the ongoing evolution of digital technology.

Since the beginning of this program, many who have now become our satisfied clients, have selected FDC as their first step to conduct business with Digital Jeweller. When joining FDC you are requesting a free digital capture. Send us one of your jewelry items diamond, platinum, gold, silver, gem stone, pearl, beads, crystal etc., and it will be photographed for you as a test free-of-charge. It's a sensible way to start a business relationship!

The reasons to initiate the program was:
a. alleviate the concern regarding the quality of digital capture vs. film. 


b. demonstrate artistic and technical capabilities when applied to a client-specific requirement.
c. jewelry photography portfolio or web site is not so much a matter of fact as of impression.
d. no possible amount of 'hard-sell' in itself will replace 'seeing is believing' to close an assignment.

A jeweler should never use jewelry photography until he/she is capable of getting on without it, but then, he/she should not take his/her own photographs! Trying to financially gain by substituting another profession is not practical for a savvy business!

In conclusion, let me express the pleasure I feel in being afforded the fascinating opportunity of being the jewelry photographer to so many wonderful clients and talented designers. By combining my craft with the crowning paradox of digital jewelry photography I get the first chance to photograph and create a digital jewelry of their product. It is indeed a great privilege. Join our free digital capture by sending us an e-mail, and let us create a distinct fresh look for your company.

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