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Our jewelry photography workshop and private training sessions provide to beginning and intermediate photographers a variety of methods to advance their skills in jewelry photography. When you participate in our workshops, you will receive the highest quality training in jewelry photography techniques.

Our 30 years experience in jewelry photography enables us to understand how people learn in different ways- some people prefer theoretical discussions while others hands-on training. We are not just professional photographers, but also educators.

To ensure that participants improve their skills, we incorporate into every photography workshop a friendly professional environment that promotes advance learning of a large variety of photographic concepts and techniques in a fully controlled studio environment. Participants will have plenty of opportunity practicing because our hands on sessions are throughout the day. 

The workshop is an intense session in the sense that participants will receive the highest quality training in jewelry photography. The rates are very affordable, and you get to pick the amount of time for the private sessions. You can choose between hourly, daily, or weekend rate. 



View cameras are the most flexible cameras, usually made from a basic design that has not changed for over 100 years. You know the one with your head under a cloth? Now with the introduction of new digital systems there is no need for cloth anymore! Most of those beautiful jewelry ads in magazines are photographed with digital view cameras.

Well known and long established companies have worked intensively together to design new systems fitting all components together and optimizing each component to achieve an optimized and complete digital view camera system.

Providing lenses especially designed for digital photography, the new systems achieve enormous resolution. The jewelry photographer is now able to control shutter speed and capture directly from the computer. The new view camera systems offer a complete solution with an excellent performance.

Close up photography, or macro photography as it's technically known, is a key-determining factor in jewelry photography.

Close up photography with digital systems allows shooting things that may not have previously been

possible, a close up of an engagement ring, details of an engraving, or the facets of a gemstone. One could also create textured backgrounds for a new web site, catalog or a number other purposes.

To achieve a desired result in macro photography the camera must have a focusing system that lets you produce sharp pictures from distances closer than a few inches. The latest digital view camera systems allow you to focus and view on screen the subject so that you can check focusing accuracy at the limited amount of sharpness in front and behind the main point of focus at reproductions of (1:2) or life size (1:1)

Controlling depth-of-field at close range and choosing the correct option is a fundamental factor in understanding and crucial in achieving constantly great results with jewelry photography.

The workshop will discuss and teach several methods to obtain excellent quality high-resolution images.

Whether your primary interest is portraits, still life, or food, this intensive workshop covers the aspects of studio and location lighting for jewelry photography. We photograph jewelry in the studio and on location with and without models.

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